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Looking back to SPHERE23

Let's recap on 2023 unconference

All of the Speakers


Peiter C. "Mudge" Zatko

An American network security expert, open source programmer, writer, and a hacker


Christine Bejerasco

Chief Technology Officer, WithSecure

Pekka Koskela-sprint-ai-2022-highres-2

Pekka Koskela

Pekka Koskela, four time Olympian in Speed skating, held world records 3 times during his 20 year career in elite sports.

Jacqui Kernot-2

Jacqui Kernot

Jacqui is one of Australia’s most experienced cyber security and risk professionalswith a career spanning nearly three decades.


Mikko Hyppönen

Chief Research Officer, WithSecure


Ian Beacraft

Considered one of the top voices in AI and the future of work, Ian Beacraft is a trusted advisor to the world's most innovative companies.


Juhani Hintikka

President and Chief Executive Officer at WithSecure


Laura Koetzle

Laura Koetzle leads Forrester’s European Research organization. 


Juha Kivikoski

EVP, Business Security at WithSecure

john grant profile pic-2

John Grant

John's latest book Greener Marketing (2020) was shortlisted for the Business Book Awards. 


Jessica Berlin

Jessica Berlin is a foreign policy analyst and commentator. 

Watch the talks

Mikko Hypponen: "Artificial Evil"

Mikko Hypponen – Chief Research Officer at WithSecure

Jessica Berlin: "War & Biz"

Jessica Berlin, Foreign policy analyst and commentator

Christine Bejerasco: "The Security Outcome Canvas"

Christine Bejerasco, CISO at WithSecure

Andy Patel: "Creatively malicious prompt engineering"

Andy Patel, Researcher at WithSecure

Laura Koetzle: "Fireside chat: The Security Outcome "

Laura Koetzle, VP, Group Director, Forrester Research

John Grant: "4 Pathways to Cyber Sustainability"

John Grant, Sustainability expert

Pekka Koskela: "AI, ChatGPT and the future in tech"

Pekka Koskela, Ice Skater & Data Consultant for sport teams and athletes

Ian Beacraft: "Creative Machines - AI and Generative Future"

Ian Beacraft, The CEO and Chief Futurist of Signal and Cipher

Jacqui Kernot: "Striking the balance: how much cyber security is enough?"

 Jacqui Kernot, Security Director at Accenture Australia and New Zealand

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