Thomas Anglero


Digital Disruptor, AI Pioneer and Robotics Expert, Podcaster and Founder / CEO of Too Easy AS.

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Thomas F. Anglero is an extraordinary speaker who will take you on an unforgettable journey!

Originally from New York, USA, he brings with him a powerful voice, an energy that fills the room, and messages that hit deep. With a dazzling combination of expertise and a rare ability to captivate his audience, he is the ideal speaker for motivation, inspiration and innovation. 

Thomas' bio

As CEO of Too Easy AS and former Nordic Chief Technology and Innovation Officer at Cognizant, Thomas carries a wealth of knowledge and experience. Thomas spent many years at IBM as the Nordic Innovation Director and has established himself as one of the most sought-after speakers in the Nordics.

With hundreds of conferences on his CV, including honorable appearances such as the World Government Summit and the European Commission, where he thrilled the audience with the lecture "The Fusion of Technology, Culture and People." Thomas has proven his ability to inspire and engage across borders. 

Thomas Anglero's expertise delves into topics such as disruption, robotics, cultural challenges linked to artificial intelligence and the disruptive effect this revolution has on people, society and business. In addition to sharing insights about self-management, leadership and the art of motivating both oneself and others. Thomas has also been innovation director at the Norwegian Tax Agency and founder of WiHood.

With his professionalism, in-depth knowledge and a unique enthusiasm, Thomas Anglero gives a talk that really has to be experienced!

Be inspired, motivated and transformed by one of today's most dynamic speakers.