Keren Elazari


Keren Elazari is an internationally recognized security analyst, author and researcher – and as she likes to call herself – a friendly hacker.

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Since 2000, Keren has worked with leading Israeli security firms, government organizations, big 4 and fortune 500 companies.

Keren covers  emerging security technologies as an independent strategic advisor, working with 
international tech giants and innovative startups.

Keren's bio

In 2014, Keren became the first Israeli woman to speak at the prestigious TED Conference. Keren’s talk has been viewed by millions, translated to 30 languages, and chosen for TED’s ‘Most Powerful Ideas’. To date, Keren’s TED talk is still one of TED’s most watched talks on the topic of security and hacking.

Keren holds a CISSP certification, a Masters degree in Security Studies, and is a senior researcher at the Interdisciplinary Cyber Research Center at Tel Aviv University and a faculty member of Reichman University, Israel’s leading private university. Keren is the founder of two nonprofit organizations: Israel’s largest security community - BSidesTLV, and the global Leading Cyber Ladies, a professional network for women in cyber security.