Erik Nost

Senior Analyst at Forrester

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Erik Nost is a senior analyst at Forrester serving security and risk (S&R) professionals.

His coverage includes vulnerability risk management, attack surface management, breach and attack simulation, and security testing and validation. Erik helps Forrester clients build strategies to increase cybersecurity maturity and decrease risks in their environment.

Erik's bio

Erik began his career managing banking operations and fintech programs before transitioning to information security. Prior to joining Forrester, he led an infosec risk team in financial services, where he aligned the program with NIST 800-53, NIST CSF, and FFIEC CAT frameworks. He implemented products and programs to improve risk postures surrounding cloud migrations, vulnerability risk management, security training and awareness, disaster recovery and business continuity planning, and incident response.

Erik leveraged his years managing operations and fintech programs to balance business need vs. customer experience vs. security requirements. Before his infosec career, he led teams handling digital/online/mobile banking, remote deposit capture, A2A and P2P payments, commercial ACH and wire systems, online account opening, contact center, and customer experience.