Christine Bejerasco


Chief Information Security Officer, WithSecure

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Christine is Chief Information Security Officer at WithSecure,

previously holding the title of CTO, where she looked at the intersection of threats, technologies and user behaviour to build future-proof cyber security solutions.

Christine's bio

Having spent two decades in the cyber security industry, Christine is highly respected and speaks regularly at peer-to-peer and business events.

With the last couple of years being unprecedented for security breaches, Christine has been sharing her in-depth knowledge with audiences on various areas that highlight some of the threats encountered in cyber-attacks during this period, especially those affecting mobile devices, software, supply chains and data hacks.  

With our world transforming digitally and becoming even more reliant on virtual environments, that are increasingly powered by AI and ML models, it is key to stay informed and protected. 

Throughout her career Christine has held roles that have researched and analyzed the evolution of the threat landscape across key industry sectors, built and delivered threat protection capabilities, and welcomed positive changes in regulations and user behaviour.