The World's First Cybersecurity Unconference


SPHERE - a physical space and a state of mind

The SPHERE unconference transcends walls and boundaries and welcomes ideas, open communication, and collaboration. For WithSecure™, it's a place where cybersecurity pros and heroes join forces to make the digital world a safer, more open and fearless place for businesses, people and humanity. The future is co-Secure, and it's being created within these walls and beyond.


So, what is an unconference?

Traditionally referred to as a “participant-driven meeting”, the unconference does away with stuffy hierarchical structures of talk/break/talk/break conferences where the audience sits and listens. We are supercharging the unconference concept by giving you an experience of inspirational but interactive talks and outside-of-the-box ideas throughout the event.

More than ever, cyber security is connected to most global megatrends, and our guest speaker line-up fully reflects that. However, SPHERE succeeds when our speakers’ expertise is matched with yours!


Co-security Manifesto

Co-creation in action

A participation-driven mindset strongly defines the SPHERE unconference. For SPHERE, we thought, what better way to utilize attendees' collective experience, skills and expertise than to co-create a manifesto? During the event, participants were invited to give comments, opinions and feedback via an online platform with questions designed to pique the imagination around the manifesto's central theme of Co-security.

We can happily report that there was a common consensus on the primary values that we at WithSecure strive for with our Co-security approach: collaboration, synergy, participation, trust, and generally, that we are stronger together.

What is Co-security

Co-security is a cooperation between individuals, companies, and ecosystems towards a common goal of keeping organizations, networks, users and data safe. It succeeds when there is sharing of relevant and useful information, silo-free collaboration, and two-way trust between all stakeholders. In the long run, Co-security makes us all more resilient.

Why is Co-security needed

Co-security changes the discussion from 'either/or' to 'with/how' and drives the conversation towards an outcome-based approach. We live in a fast-changing world where nobody has complete visibility and control of their IT security. Networks are larger, more complex, and harder to defend, and co-securing is becoming the only way for most businesses to stay safe while facing today's threats.

If cyber criminals collaborate to wreak havoc on the systems that power the A-to-Z of our lives, then by rights, the best defence can only be a collaborative one on the other side of the equation. Through the collective power of strong partnerships, we can build a secure future.

How will we co-secure

We co-secure by being open to new approaches and transparent in our progress, hurdles, efforts and need for support and feedback without gaps and duplication. We enable long-term working relationships that evolve as technology, new ways of collaborating, and the threat landscape evolves. We promote the understanding of, and focus on, proactive risk management, identifying assets, and prioritizing security mitigation measures. We increase our network's overall cyber-security knowledge, including our customers, thereby reducing complexity.

We trust each other and learn from our research, skills and experiences – from the lab to the front lines. Finally, we assume security as a collective responsibility, regardless of job title and evangelize best practices to each other.

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About the organizers

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